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Miami Gay Clubs

Because of the vibrant gay Miami community, Miami nightlife provides great high-end entertainment, which included amazing parties, shows, and special events each night of the week. Actually, South Beach Miami gay clubs and bars are numerous and are mainly situated in South Beach, Downtown Miami, and Fort Lauderdale.

Some of the most popular Miami gay clubs located in South Beach are Twist, Halo, and Score.  All Miami gay clubs provide privilege location just steps away from many Miami hotels and Miami vacation rentals. The ideal thing is that you will be able to walk from your Miami hotel to the Miami gay club of your choice. Besides, the ones located in Lincoln Road offer a great spot for people watching and to enjoy the best gay-friendly Miami restaurants. For instance, Score Miami gay club offers outdoor sitting just on Lincoln Road Boulevard where all night you can sit and relax watching the most gorgeous people in town.

Each Miami gay club features a unique décor and ambience, so you will not get bored. Under, you will find a list of hottest Miami gay clubs with a proper description to help you select the Miami gay clubs and bars that you will visit and undoubtedly enjoy.

Sandal Miami Gay Club

1060 NE 79th Street (map)
Sandal Club features a well-stocked bar, good food, and the best entertainment in town.

The Palace Miami Gay Club

1200 Ocean Drive (map)
The Palace is a South Beach restaurant and Miami gay club that makes guests feel like they were part of a backdrop movie. When at The Palace, you can be sure you are in one of the finest areas of Miami Beach's famed Ocean Drive.

Discotekka Miami Gay Club

950 NE 2nd Avenue (map)
Located in the entertainment district of Downtown Miami, Discotekka is a Miami gay club situated in the corner of the Metropolis night club complex.  Discotekka features a state of the art sound system pumping high energy music every night of the week.

Dek23 (Sunday Nights)

655 Washington Avenue (map)
With bohemian lounging areas in the outside patio for chilling and dancing under the stars, Dek23 has become a premier destination to go out in Miami. Dek23 is not a Miami gay club, but it is totally gay-friendly.  Besides, Dek23 does make a difference in the quality of Miami nightlife.

Azucar Miami Gay Club

2301 SW 32nd Avenue (map)
Looking for a Latin experience? Yes, Azucar is the Miami gay club for you. Located just stepping into the edge of Coral Gables, Azucar is a dance palace that features Latin music and live shows.

Halo Miami Gay Club

1625 Michigan Avenue (map)
Halo, located just off of Lincoln Road, is one of the newest additions to the ever-changing Miami gay club and lounge scene.

Twist Miami Gay Club

1057 Washington Avenue (map)
Twist is an infamous South Beach Miami gay club, known throughout the world for its great music, friendly staff, and always being packed with hot tourists and locals alike.

Score Miami Gay Club

727 Lincoln Road (map)
Score Miami gay club features an all around bar, dance floor, lounge area, outside patio and bar.  In addition to all, Score Miami gay club constantly displays world renowned DJs, and live appearances by top recording artists and celebrities.


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